’Contributing to the development of emblematic and iconic luxury projects has become my true passion. I have been fortunate enough to carry out this activity for over 20 years, participating, amongst others, in projects regarding National Heritage buildings, or luxury hotels.

This experience has been critical in helping me to understand the uniqueness and essence of real luxury: exceptionality in its conception, followed by simplicity and sustainability in its execution. These, I believe, are the keys behind genuine and one-of-a-kind projects.

I enjoy both, supporting our clients in their vision, as well as turning it into a reality. I have had the privilege to play all possible roles in countless projects, from technical director in the investor side, to managing director in a leading project management company. This expertise has provided me with a unique approach when successfully performing these projects. My approach comprises: fit-for-purpose planning, key experts, control over objectives, and more importantly, a strong leadership to motivate teams to strive for excellence. All of this, whilst maintaining a balance between the flexibility that allows you to grasp the best ideas, and the thoroughness required to be loyal to your vision.'